Spell Booster Package (Boosts Previous Spells*)

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  • This spell can be used if you wish to give another boost to your previously casted spells.
  • This spell helps to increase the changes of movement or manifestation as well as bettering the odds to succeed.
  • Feeling negative energies around you or your person of interest that might be blocking previous spell work from working?
  • This spell helps with those situations due to it’s healing and purifying effect, bad energies vanished!
  • Did you perhaps ruin the chances of the spell manifesting properly due to arguments with your love or being in touch when you shouldn’t? This spell may help “clearing the slate” for a fresh start and bring back balance to the previous spells.
  • Note: This spell will not work if your spell has been canceled or if your spell caster decided no more spells are possible or necessary.
  • Consult your spell caster first if you have any questions.
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