Obsession Spell. Obsession Love Spell. Spell to make someone obsessed with you

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Spell to make someone obsessed with you

Are you looking to ignite an intense infatuation and desire in someone you desire? Are you looking for a spell to make someone obsessed with you? Our obsession spells are designed to make the person of your choice obsessed with you, constantly thinking about you, and unable to stop thinking about you.


With our powerful obsession spells, witchcraft spell, you can have the power over the person you desire. The result can be similar to that of a puppet and its owner, where the person is under your control and will do anything to please you. Trust in our extensive experience and expertise to make your loved one unable to eat, breathe, or live without thinking about you and doing anything to see you smile.

Please note that this is a spells casting services, where I will personally perform the Obsession love spell on your behalf.

I have extensive experience in casting this type of love obsession spell and you can trust that I will use my expertise to grant you the power over the person you desire.

With our powerful obsession spells, you can be sure that the person’s will is under your control.



Benefit Description
1. Increase attraction Obsession Love Spell can make someone feel more drawn to you, increasing their attraction and desire for you.
2. Boost confidence By knowing someone is obsessing over you, you may feel more confident and assured in your own worth and attractiveness.
3. Enhance focus Can make someone more focused on you and your relationship, leading to increased attention and communication.
4. Strengthen bond When someone is obsessed with you, they may feel more connected to you, leading to a stronger emotional bond.
5. Resolve conflicts Can help smooth over conflicts in a relationship by making someone more willing to compromise and work things out.


What is an obsession spell?

An spell to make someone obsessed with you is a type of spell that is designed to make someone become obsessed with the person requesting the spell or the target of the spell.

How does a Obsession Love Spell work?

This typically involves the use of specific herbs, candles, incantations, and rituals that are intended to create enchantments and a powerful emotional bond between the spellcaster (the person requesting the Obsession spell) and the target of the spell. Some practitioners may also incorporate voodoo or black magic into their love spells for added potency.

The spirits are often called upon during these rituals to aid in the manifestation of the desired outcome. Astrology is also commonly consulted to determine the best time and method for casting the spell, based on the lover’s astrological sign. Ultimately, these spells aim to strengthen the relationship between the spellcaster and their lover.

How long do obsession spells last?

The duration of these love spells, including attraction spells, white magic spells, spell to make someone obsessed with you, and enchantments, varies depending on the strength of the spell rituals and the target’s susceptibility to the effects. In some cases, the effects may be temporary, while in others, they may last for a longer period.

Can the Obsession love spell be cast without the target’s knowledge?

Yes, as a powerful spellcaster, enchantments such as voodoo rituals for love spells and obsession spells can be performed without the lover’s knowledge.



When it comes to Instant Love Spells and the time required for results, providing an exact timeframe can be challenging. The process relies on granting the Universe the necessary time and patience to unleash its magic.

Typically, spells take approximately 6 to 12 weeks to manifest after the last day of casting, depending on the chosen power level. However, it’s important to note that many individuals may experience results sooner, while others may require additional time due to the complexity of their situation.

The key elements for success are belief, faith, and determination. Doubt or negative thinking can disrupt the spell, so maintaining a strong belief in the spell, having faith, and staying positive are crucial for the ritual’s effectiveness.


When it comes to casting obsession spells, it is essential to exercise caution and avoid certain common mistakes. Firstly, it is crucial to respect the free will and autonomy of others. Attempting to manipulate someone’s emotions or thoughts against their wishes can have negative consequences and may infringe upon their personal boundaries.

Secondly, avoid casting spells with malicious intent or for selfish reasons. Spells that seek to control or manipulate others for personal gain can lead to karmic repercussions and create disharmony in relationships.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the spell to make someone obsessed with you are not a substitute for genuine connection and healthy communication. Relying solely on magic to create and sustain relationships can hinder personal growth and the development of authentic bonds. Lastly, it is vital to practice ethical witchcraft by seeking consent and ensuring the spells cast align with the principles of love, respect, and harmony.

What to do after you have ordered the Love Obsession Spell

When you order one of our Obsession love spell, Please email me these details to:  spellcharmshelp@gmail.com

– Full Name of you and the person you want me to focus your love obsession spell on.
– Birthdate of you and the person you want me to focus your spell on.
– A photo of yourself and then also a photo of the person you want me to focus the obsession spell on.
– Location of everyone involved.
– Explain to me what you want the outcome to be from this spell. No matter how nasty, how dirty, how disgusting it is, I need to know this. I am not judging you so be as graphic as you’d like.

How will I know that my Obsession spell has been casted?

To ensure the success of your spell to make someone obsessed with you, I will conduct a minimum of three castings within a span of a few days. Throughout the process, I will keep you informed of my progress through email.

Once the final casting of your spell, whether it be white magic, is complete, I, as your caster with expertise in spells astrology, will provide you with a comprehensive update on your binding love spell.

This will include details of the ingredients used, as well as a photo of the casting itself. This information will help you to better understand the process and outcome of your spell.


If you’re searching for a spell to make someone obsessed with you, there are various magical love spells available, including white magic love spells. White magic love focuses on pure intentions and positive energies.

. This ritual harnesses your inner powers and conjures love, but it respects the free will of the individual involved. Remember, white magic love spells are not meant to manipulate or control someone, but rather to attract love and positive energies into your life.

Performing this spell with good intentions and following the basic principles of white magic can bring positive results and healing to your relationships.

Power Levels for our Obsession SpellSpell to make someone obsessed with you.

6 Power levels are available for our love obsession spells, for all situations and income levels. The tougher the case, the higher the power level we recommend. 

All levels are powerful but higher level castings work faster and again, are best for tough cases that other spell castings might have failed or for where you just want the best possible outcome for your Obsession Spell.

You will get a full update of your spell and also a photo of your spell casting.

There are absolutely no refunds because regardless of whether you get the desired outcome you want, I am still spending my energy to create and perform the spell. I am still using my materials (which cost money) to do the spell.

– If the Universe refuses to grant your request, that’s on the universe. It has nothing to do with my skills.
– Have a great day! 

Choose Your Power Level

Basic Power Level, Deluxe Power Level, Ultimate Power Level, Platinum Power Level, Super Platinum Power Level, Double Super Platinum Power Level


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