Long Distance Aura Cleansing

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Long Distance Aura Cleansing
Your Aura is very important and if you have a lifetime worth of accumulated negativity your best bet is to let someone who specializes in Aura Cleansing handle the task for you. Once you have undergone an Aura Cleansing. You will probably feel happier and lighter and just better all around. Cleansing your Aura will remove the dark energies that surround it. allowing positivity flow into your life.  Hi my name is Mar and I have been doing Aura Cleansings for more than 20 years. I will do a Long Distance Cleansing for you.
Note: You will receive details and confirmation of your Cleansing through digital file word doc. to your email. Plus I will send you a reading of what is shown after the cleansing.
Once you purchase send me your first name and birth date and I will do the cleansing for you. If you would like an Aura Cleansing for a loved one or someone you know, please  send me their first names and birth dates as well.
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