Angel Card Reading

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Each Angel Card reading is unique and wonderful. Each card also has a specific meaning which I will also interpret to you, and provide a perspective in context to the question at the time that was asked of the angels, or your life situation.  An angel with every card sends to me a personalized message as thoughts, visions, and feelings that I will relay to you.  I am given guidance from your own angels and guardian angels as well as the spirit guides that are around you at the time. Angel readings are slightly different in nature than Psychic or Tarot card readings and the energy that comes from these beings is very light indeed. I always make sure that healing energy from your angels is sent to you both during your reading and afterwards so that the help, support and guidance that they want you to have is readily available to you. Angel readings are a loving and gentle way to receive help and direction from the spirit and angelic realms.

I would require your Name, Date of Birth and Question.

Please email this to: spellscharmshelp@gmail.com after you purchased your angel card reading.

Detailed readings provide a detailed perspective on important events that you need to aware of. Messages are provided about the different areas that you need to be aware of eg. love/romance, career/finances, soul purpose etc. These readings help you embrace changes or challenges, and stay focused in order to live your life with wisdom and joy.

The interpretation of the spread will be sent to you via email. Expect your detailed reading via email 1 – 5 days after payment is reflected in my bank account.

What can an Angel Card Reading do for you?

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